Maker to Maker

This means you are a beginner looking to muck around and get your hands dirty trying to learn the ropes and wrap your head around what this Making thing is.

You are more than welcome to come through and learn, this is a collaborative effort after all and we are looking to groom a new breed of digital artisans.


Maker to Mentor

So now that you have a fair knowledge about the gadgetry in our tinkering garage, we are going to pile-drive you to be a ‘Solutionist’ and what this means is that you must change the world and spread the knowledge that you have learned. This process also means we will expose you to other sages who have walked the path to sharpen your skills, creativity and business acumen.


Maker to Market

Great, so you’re an advanced maker now. The next best thing for you to do is to make phenomenal products that are going to change the local community but also sustainable solutions that will solve issues while making a buck.


Sounds cool enough for you?

Drop us a line and get with the programme.